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All the magic of your stream - surrounded by Mechanyx magic!

Introduce new and amazing audience interactions - Allow for easier and more fair donations and subs

Access new tools built around you as a creator to use during stream.

And it's all free; Seriously!

First off, what is Mechanyx.gg?

Whether you've been with us for a while or are stopping by for the first time it might be good to take a bit of stock!

Mechanyx.gg is a platform built by a small team (right now there's only two of us along with a growing list of creators and content partners) with the goal of building stuff that helps creators get paid more fairly and easily for the work that they do and interact with their audience in new and fun ways.

We're blessed to have been around for a few years now (originally launching in 2020) and we've built some stuff that people say is pretty fantastic! And now since we have the infrastructure and services in place, we figured it was time to take all of the amazing stuff we've built and roll it into an amazing stream experience which we call SuperStream!

An entire technology platform backing up an amazing stream: yours.

For a while now we've been building services that work on our site separately from the platform that our creators stream on. For example Twitch audience members would have to open a separate tab our use our chatbot to interact with stream and support their favorite creators. It worked... but it's a lot like playing an away game on someone else's turf.

It's about time streamers were able to offer their audience both their stream AND all the Mechanyx magic in one concise place - a home court advantage in other words!

SuperStream is that home court advantage - it's one page that offers up all your Mechanyx.gg services such as ToTheCause, StarDust, and SoundOff to your audience alongside your stream for one cohesive and ridiculously fun experience. All of our tech behind one of the coolest streams around: your stream!

All of Mechanyx in one very special place; surrounding your stream

Mechanyx.gg does a lot! And it all comes together on SuperStream.

Let's take a look at some of the services we have and how they work on SuperStream


ToTheCause™ is our donation, subscription, and crowd-funding service that allows your audience to support you financially all without taking anything out of your pocket. Yep - you read that right. We don't take anything from you as a creator - no matter what size. You can also start taking donations and subscriptions from day 1 and with no minimum payout amounts.

Easier donations and subscriptions means a shorter path to you becoming a full time creator -- and it's just the way it should be! So we made it happen.

The ToTheCause™ SuperStream Panel

The ToTheCause SuperStream Panel allows your audience members to contribute in a number of different ways that are suited to them!

Whether it's a one-time donation to award you for an awesome moment during stream, audience members wanting to do recurring support by way of a monthly or yearly subscription, or a big baller wanting to gift out a bunch of subs, the SuperStream ToTheCause panel can handle it all securely and easily.

Backed by Stripe (our payment processing platform) contributions to your stream via ToTheCause hit your account sooner (with no minimum payout amount or rolling schedule) and you'll have more in your pocket as we don't take anything from you as a creator when people do choose to support!

The ToTheCause panel also allows for local currency contributions for users that have a Mechanyx.gg account and have elected to use their local currency -- adding yet another amazing level of convenience and awesomeness to your stream experience!

Your audience members will love the transparency and ease-of-use, you'll love the pay structure that's more fair to you as a creator; everyone wins!


StarDust™ is the most interactive feature of Mechanyx and since it's introduction it has allowed audience members to interact with streams in ways that we never imagined when we built it!

Chatters and longtime viewers from communities of all types have told us they love Stardust - and now the new levels of inteactivity and fun can be added to your stream too.

On paper StarDust is a creator-controlled digital currency that you can dole out to audience members in any amount! You control the economy and experience. StarDust can then be used to slap stickers, play sounds, clips, and so much more around Mechanyx.

Plus with everything being on Mechanyx we have automations to allow you to give out StarDust when people donate and subscribe through ToTheCause!

The StarDust™ SuperStream Panel

The StarDust SuperStream panel allows audience members all the fun of interacting with StarDust rewards without all the rigamarole of having to open a new tab or go to a seperate site.

Positioned perfectly under your stream embed audience members can explore your StarDust marketplace and play rewards right from the panel and see the results live right above! Stickers, alerts, sounders, it's all right there.

Further from the admin tools view you can dole out StarDust to individuals without ever having to leave SuperStream.

A seamless interaction that is sure to drive more interactivity and silly shenanigans during stream - that's what StarDust is all about!

Stream Tools

We've developed a number of tools over the years to help your stream integrate seamlessly with Mechanyx and allow you to drive the experience that people have with Mechanyx on your stream.

We call this collection of tools StreamTools and they make an appearance in SuperStream too! These tools are naturally only available to you as a streamer and are available to you when you open SuperStream and are signed in with your Mechanyx.gg account.

The StreamTools SuperStream Panel

The StreamTools SuperStream Panel (say that 5 times fast) is comprised of a number of tools including a live alert queue that updates dynamically and will track people's Mechanyx.gg interactions as well as allowing you to replay alerts in case you miss one or two (happens to the best of us!)

Also included are a pane to give out StarDust and an area for grounded users where you can timeout users from using StarDust rewards. And naturally as we continue to build more tools they will likely get integrated here as well!

But wait! There's more!


For everyone.
No matter how big or small.


Nothing taken out of your donations or subs through Mechanyx


Setup for SuperStream is as easy as linking your Twitch to your .GG Profile
(and maybe setting up some extra .gg services if you haven't already)

Ready to start SuperStreaming?

The first step to getting on SuperStream is making a free Mechanyx.gg account. Hit the button below to do just that!

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