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Some Cups you just get your name written on a plaque.

Community Cup winners get their name written in the book of Mechanyx History.

The Mechanyx.gg Community Cup has been hoisted by a number of teams who fought ferociously on one of Mechanyx's biggest stages.

From a humble beginning with two teams facing off in Super Smash Bros (our first ever cup) to now the competition being broadcasted to hundreds of people live the Community Cup has had a storied history - one that's worthy of a Hall of Fame.

So here we are! The living history of Community Cup is detailed below going back to our first ever cup! Have a walk down memory lane and see if you recognize any names in this humble Hall of Fame!

The Season of More. More Communities. More Shenanigans. More Hype.

Season 2 was our opportunity to step out a bit more. We knew that Community Cup could work; and Mechanyx as a platform was growing! We welcomed all sorts of new Content Partners which naturally meant Community Cup needed to meet that amazing growth!

But at Mechanyx we never simply "wait and see" - we saw an opportunity to push Season 2 Ad Astra (a saying we have that means "to the stars!"); and that's exactly what we did!

Community Cup Season 2 saw a marked increase in overall production quality and polish for Community Cup; and the competition didn't slouch either. As you'll see below each cup was hard fought from each team -- with some cups being decided by as few as 1 point!

We hope you'll join us on a walk back through Season 2 and you'll feel the same chills, pop-off at the same moments, and relive all the fun that defined S2!

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February 4th 2023

Winning Team

Team ultipaige

Cup Competitors

Production Credits:

Cup organizer: ultipaige

Casting Desk: Ais4Drew and Team Captains

November 5th 2022

Winning Team

Team Gamersledge

Cup Competitors

Production Credits:

Cup organizer: ultipaige

Casting Desk: Ais4Drew and Team Captains

The beginning of Community Cup. the beginning of Mechanyx eSports.

The Mechanyx.gg Community Cup series began life as a fun way to involve and engage with the Mechanyx.gg partners and their communities. Back then Mechanyx only had a few partners but their spirits were high and optimism overflowing.

Season 1 of Community Cup was the stepping stone on which all other eSports events at Mechanyx was built - without Season 1 Mechanyx would be missing a huge part of it's soul and we would have never built some of the avenues that make us one of the most connected and community-focused platforms out there.

Simply put there is no Mechanyx eSports without Season 1 and the humble but fun beginnings seeded in this very season - and we hope you'll enjoy the charm of Season 1 as much as we did when it was happening right before our eyes!

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Want to be a part of Community Cup?

The Community Cup is open to all Mechanyx.gg Content Partners. The Mechanyx.gg Content Partner program is a network of creators that work closely with us to develop the future of Mechanyx.gg and use our platform to bring their streams and content closer to their communities!

Joining the Partner Program is by invitation only but getting an invite is pretty straight forward. The process involves us chatting with you about your content, audience, reviewing your content and community, and seeing if we can help!

If you're interested in joining the Mechanyx.gg Creative Partner Network stop by a Mechanyx.gg stream and let us know you're interested and we'll get you some more info!

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