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.GG GiveBack™

Charity streams with a focus on the good your community can do, not just how much they donate.

Charity can be done by organizations with no money at all
and some organizations with money do no charity at all.

"Dollars raised" seldom ever tells the full story of charity

It is in our human nature to want to help one another. When we see others in need there is a part of us who wants to use what we have to help them. Call it charity, alturism, noblesse oblige, or whatever you like - good people want to help others.

And often times people will give in a way that is self-sacrificing. More than simply the "shirt off your back" metaphor as humans charity and giving has a way of bringing out some of the best in us. We want to give it all to those in need, even if that means setting ourselves back just a little bit ourselves.

Now notice that this is the first time in this section that we mention money. What you just read can all be done without signing a single check - and many times that's exactly how it's done.

Now to be totally transparent a good portion of GiveBack is built around you being able to safely and securely collect funds that you can contribute to a whole host of organizations you care about - but it's what surrounds that core that makes GiveBack in our opinion.

What are some of those good parts we're talking about? Keep reading and we'll tell you!

Contrary to what some think, gamers are often times charitable;
including the self-sacrificing type

We need a platform that builds up gamers making a charitable difference

no matter if it's $5 or $5,000,000

Every year gamers raise millions of dollars for amazing charitable organizations the world over - but it's a group effort. And who's to say that a small streamer who does their first charity stream doesn't deserve the same tools and recognition as week long conventions that raise millions every year?

GiveBack is an impact-focused charity stream service; not a dollar-focused service.

More than just donations we want to give you a platform that focuses on the impact you're making in the bigger picture of gamers helping out - no matter how much money you actually raise!

Here's how it works

ToTheCause means your contributions go further

ToTheCause was built to help you as a creator take home more for your hard work.

And now the organizations you support can enjoy the 0% processing fee we offer to you as a creator too!

ToTheCause as you probably already know is our donation, crowdfunding, and subscription platform that doesn't take ANY CUT from creators' pockets.

Mechanyx.gg started with ToTheCause as it's cornerstone and since then we're blessed to say TTC has put a lot of money back into creators pockets since it's inception.

And now we're happy to offer that same great rate and experience to donations through GiveBack - every cent of what is donated hits your TTC account which you can then donate to the charity you are supporting. All without us taking a single cent from the top.

An awesome and secure checkout experience for your contributors and your charity of choice getting every last cent of what your community raises - everyone wins!

If you need a quick refresher on ToTheCause (or have never heard of it before) then click the button below!

Earmarked, flexible, and ready to go!

Donations to GiveBack go through your regular donation Stripe account - meaning that once your campaign is over all the funds get deposited to your account directly. This gives you flexibility to allow you to decide after the campaign how you best want to donate to the charity of your choosing - be it through their website, in person, through another matching organization, or whatever other amazing way you come up with!

Now naturally one of the first thoughts you might have is "well how do I keep track of which funds are which" - don't worry! We got you covered; we earmark funds when they are donated to a campaign specifically and output them in a slick table on your Campaign management page. Less counting means more contributing!

How about a free, slick and dynamic stream overlay to tie everything together?

Keep track of your impact live on stream

StreamTools by Mechanyx.gg is a set of free services that allow you to bring the magic of Mechanyx into your stream and chat.

Using SoundOff you can have a free and slick overlay that dynamically updates when donations are made and custom alerts that fire when contributions are made so you can celebrate that way as well!

With .GG ChatBot your chat is also alerted when donations and other cool stuff happens with GiveBack as well.

And, of course, all of these extra pieces of awesomeness are available to you for free just by having a Mechanyx.gg account!

Be part of the bigger push towards change
in 5 different ways!

From helping your friends to helping the planet; and everything in-between

We have a lot of work to do - and boiling that down into actionable categories and items is often times one of the hardest parts of making a charitable impact.

We don't want your desire to do good to stop at "well I don't know where my contributions would fit in" - so we broke things out into 5 distinct Areas of Effect (yes... just like the spell type...).

These Areas of Effect encompass everything from helping your community and fellow creators up to protecting life of all species and the fun pale-blue dot we live on.

You can read more about these Areas of Effect further down the page.

Automate to win-omate

All the pieces work together - by default!

Because GiveBack is exclusive to Mechanyx.gg that means it's plugged into all the other amazing features of the platform!

ToTheCause works as the back end for GiveBack meaning all your donations are simple, secure, and hit your ToTheCause Stripe account - from there you can contribute the funds to the organization of your choosing!

StreamTools also gets to be part of the fun by offering you pre-designed and quite A E S T H E T I C SoundOff Components and .GG ChatBot commands as well!

More on GiveBack Areas of Effect

Check out the GiveBack Areas of Effect and the issues they help address

Supporting Creators and Communities

The biggest Area of Effect sometimes isn't across the world - sometimes it's across the street.

Creators are a tight knit group - especially in the early stage when everyone is working, grinding, and bringing each other up from the starting point.

Whether it's raising money for equipment, trips, conventions, or any number of other cool things that support the creators and communities you love, GiveBack can help you track your impact!

Protecting Human Rights
(Life, liberty, and security)

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person."
-United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
(Read this if you haven't already!)

Human rights are universal rights - this is because as humans we all have a universal and innate desire to help those in need around us; no matter the race, biological sex, gender, nationality, creed, language, religion, or other factors of the person in need. More specifically Human Rights efforts deal with meeting and upholding the basic needs of all humans and respecting the human dignities that are afforded to us at birth and stay with us until death. These dignities being:

A right to life: We all as humans by virtue of being born are given the right to life; meaning it's not for other humans to decide the mortal fate of you as a person. Nor should other humans make it obscenely difficult or unrealistically challenging to continue living a healthy and full life; regardless of your present circumstances, medical or physical needs, mental or spiritual condition, or any of a number of other factors.

The right to life protects humans from things such as:

  1. the death penalty
  2. inaccessible or prohibitively-expensive medial care
  3. "wrong place at the wrong time" slaying (such as collateral damage from war or conflict)
  4. genocide and hate killing
  5. other human-made threats to human life

A right to liberty: The right to liberty speaks to all humans' right to walk freely no matter where they (metaphorically) roam. The right to liberty affords to all humans their inherit freedom from things such as slavery and indentured servitude.

The right to liberty also speaks to certain protections under the law such as no questioning or detention without cause, access to competent, informed, and prepared counsel, a fair and speedy trial before a jury of peers, and presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

In the case of guilt those convicted are also afforded a right to just punishment in line with the magnitude of their offense.

In the case of incarceration prisoners have the right to standard and humane conditions during their detention. Every effort should also be made to help educate, rehabilitate, and eventually re-introduce those incarcerated into regular society - especially for smaller and non-violent offenses.

The right to liberty protects humans from things such as:
  1. Slavery and indentured servitude
  2. torture and inhumane interrogation
  3. arbitrary or unlawful arrest, detention, or exile
  4. misrepresentation in court
  5. under-prepared or incompetent public defenders
  6. the right to political asylum from threats of oppression from another nation or regime
  7. Prison reform
  8. Rehabilitation of the incarcerated and prevention of recidivism
  9. Second-chance employment opportunities for felons

A right to security: The right to security affords humans a basic standard of living, a right to shelter, and equal access to opportunity to progress in life and provide for themselves.

In addition to the right to liberty the right to security also gives humans' certain protection from laws that threaten someone's privacy, family, home, correspondence, or reputation.

The right to security seeks to address:
  1. Homelessness
  2. Discrimination during hiring as well as workplace discrimination
  3. Wage disparity for factors other than merit or competency
  4. Unlawful search and seizure
  5. Arbitrary arrest and prosecution without probable cause or evidence
  6. Invasion of privacy by the Government
  7. Invasion of privacy by private entities (such as corporations)
  8. Slander or Libel as well as the right to defend oneself in a public forum
  9. Wire-tapping and mass-scale surveillance

Climate Change and Conservationism

Everyone should be able to go out and "touch some grass" and the grass still be there.

Also it'd be nice if our kids could see Polar Bears somewhere other than an "extinct species" list

Climate Change and Conservationism deals with protecting our planet and all living things on it.

In recent years Climate Change has been a huge focus point for the human race because large scale entities in both the public and private sectors have made it a point to act like vapid troglodytes and put their own self interests in front of a planet that supports trillions of living creatures - including us!

And if that wasn't enough these same insufferable miscreants have the audacity to deny the notion that Climate Change is a real, closely observed, well and objectively documented, and irrefutable force.

Of course these are some spicy words we just used - but it's important to frame this discussion in the proper context; we need to use less (conservationism) protect more (sustainability) and reverse course away from eradicating life - including the death of our very own species (Climate Change).

You'll probably see a lot of overlap between this category and the "Wildlife and Animal Protection" Area of Effect - think of Climate Change as protecting the planet on a macro level and Wildlife and Animal Protection as protecting specific (micro) threatened populations of living things.

Pursuit of Social Justice

"I can't breathe..."
-George Floyd

Social Justice is closely intertwined with Human Rights. This is because Social Justice concerns itself not just with ensuring everyone has their basic human rights met but also seeks to hold accountable those who do not respect said rights (that's the "justice" part).

It's evident time and time again that court justice (that is, the kind of justice enacted and upheld by the written law) is slow and a work-in-progress.

In a case of tragic irony American attorney and Civil Rights activist Thurgood Marshall argued the case for "Brown v. Board of Education" in the US Supreme Court building - the inscription on the front of the Supreme Court building reading "equal justice under law".

Said another way Thurgood Marshall argued a case for education equality in a building which literally had a sentiment about equality written in stone on it's entrance.

It could be argued that social pressures and the wider Civil Rights movement played just as pivotal a role in seminal decisions like "Brown v. Board" as the actual arguments made in court.

It's not a stretch to think that the jury, judges of Appellate courts, and eventually Justices of the Supreme Court saw people marching, sitting in, speaking out, and sometimes even giving their lives for the pursuit of equality - in that way social justice had an impact on court justice.

When we mobilize and let our voices be heard in a respectful and non-violent way we can bring to account those involved with the oppression, abandonment, and slaughter of innocent people.

Further there are some very nuanced and modern issues that stand as obstacles to the universal human rights of life, liberty, and security. Issues such as police brutality (life and liberty) workplace discrimination (liberty and security) and prison reform (life and liberty) are approached differently based on where you live. Social Justice is more aware and germane to approaching these issues since people who are close to the issues and culture surrounding them are best suited to addressing the issue for their community and culture. Therefore it falls to the social groups of that area to work towards justice and equality for their people in lines with Universal Human Rights.

To (loosely) tie the two together Human Rights and a world where everyone has equal rights and protection is the destination - Social Justice is the trip we're on to get to that place!

Wildlife and Animal Protection


You can't tell us that you've never looked at a cuddly animal like a panda, seal, polar bear, sloth, WHATEVER and not want to just cuddle them. Actually...all of those are not-so-cuddly species. Not in the sense that they don't look like they COULD be cuddled more-so that they don't LIKE to be cuddled...

Semantics of cuddling aside we have so many amazing creatures on this planet that are worth protecting! I'm sure you wouldn't like a bulldozer wrecking the front of your house so why do we do it to animals?

Wildlife and Animal Protection overlaps the Climate Change AoE just a bit since Wildlife Conservation is a form of Conservationism! We need to stand up for the animals who can't stand up for themselves - be they in your neighborhood or halfway across the world.

Ready to make an impact?

Since GiveBack uses ToTheCause as it's backend for donations and other stuff all you have to do to activate GiveBack is have ToTheCause set up!

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