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Tired of giving part of your donations away?
We are too.

Other donation services are unfair and usually take money from their partners' pockets.

We don't. Introducing ToTheCause by Mechanyx.gg
Crowd funding and donation technology built with people at it's center, not profits.


(Really. We don't take anything from you.)

The other guys:
up to 50% in some cases

Donations that are fair and put more money in your pocket.

Most everyone has bought something online and had to pay a processing fee - they are part of doing eCommerce and they do suck sometimes.

But for the longest time, the majority of platforms take the processing fee out of the vendor or seller's pocket.

Well, we don't like processing fees. And we don't believe in taking any hard earned money from your pockets for the "privilege" of using our platform.

So we decided not to. Simple as that. We don't take one cent from our partners' donations. A lot of the other platforms out there can't say that.

To put that into perspective...

Let's suppose you average $10 per donation/subscription and get 10 donos/subs a week.
Over a year's time, here's how everything would break down month-to-month.

In this hypothetical year-over-year Mechanyx.gg saves you

$2,400 dollars

as compared to Twitch
(using the standard 50/50 split most creators experience with Twitch)

$255 dollars

as compared to StreamLabs™, PayPal™, Patreon™, and GoFundMe™
(using standard 2.9% + $0.30 rate)

$240 dollars

as compared to IndieGoGo™

(using 5% rate reported on IndieGoGo's site)
That's money you can use to buy equipment, pay for marketing, expand your content, or just live your life with.

And there's more...

You'll notice that the graph is diverging.

Which means as time marches on, ToTheCause by Mechanyx.gg will save you more and more.
Plus this is all based on $10 contributions. Larger donations and subs see larger savings. So the more you earn, the more you save!

Our Payout schedule

3-7 days.
No minimum Balance.

The other guys
Up to a month and
a $100 minimum balance in some cases.*

*Twtich checks for a balance of over $100 at the end of every month and then uses a "net 15" model which adds an additional 15 days.

Get paid sooner

Because we have partnered with Stripe, a well-known payment processing platform, we get the benefit of getting to pay you in a more timely manner than some of our competitors. Most of our partners will see donations direct-deposited into their accounts within 3 days.

Further, because we are simply facilitating a passage of donations into your account, we don't have to hold funds or maintain a minimum payout balance. If you are given a donation, that money is yours. And you deserve to see it as soon as possible.

So that's how we do things. Get paid sooner and get paid everything you earn. Simple, right?

The "everything" crowdfunding platform

When we set out to build ToTheCause, we wanted to make sure that it did just about everything.

Donations covers one time donations during your streams and even when you're not streaming.

Milestones cover big moments in your career - like going full time or pro.

Subscriptions allow your donors to get perks and rewards for continued support. And the best part is they can cancel at any time!

All that's to say we give you and your donors options!

Donations ✅

Milestones ✅

Subscriptions ✅

Some platforms out there require those who want to subscribe to their favorite creators to constantly renew their subscription every month. Really this just creates confusion and sometimes frustration when supporters either forget to resubscribe or recall who they subscribed to.

With ToTheCause, subscriptions are maintained in a centralized and intuitive structure that is more typical of bigger subscription services out there. And subscribers can cancel or update their subscription at any time!

Think of it this way - there are probably a lot of services out there from big companies that you subscribe to that automatically renew. Why shouldn't your stream and community be allowed to leverage the same awesome tech?

With ToTheCause, you never have to worry about such an interesting proposition.

Take Donations at any time.
Not just when you're live.

If you want to jump ship, you can.

One of the scariest things about some streaming platforms is that when you do donations, subscriptions, and more through them, if things go south and you want to leave, then you're risking your livelihood.

Further, you may be locked into a contract or agreement with that platform that makes it even more difficult to leave.

Now let's address the contradiction here - we have the goal of being that "one platform" that does it all donation wise. But we don't want to limit you like other platforms do. That's why we built ToTheCause to be agile, transparent, and able to be walked away from at any point.

We don't bind you to a monthly contract or agreement. And our donation infrastructure is completely separate from other streaming services and eSports platforms. Meaning you're not tied to any one platform and can explore different audiences, services, and platforms and take us with you.

And of course if we're not a good fit, you're not locked in so you can maneuver freely to another donation service if you need to.

But we don't anticipate that happening because we hope and think that you'll find ToTheCause does everything you need it to and more! 😎

Many of our partners are streamers. And while getting donations during streams is amazing, the challenge comes in allowing people to donate and support you when you're not live.

Your ToTheCause donation page is always live and easy to get to. People can donate, sign up for a subscription, or help you reach a milestone at any time of the day.

And it's not just streamers who can benefit. Really anyone wanting to raise money to help them launch their eSports or gaming career can leverage ToTheCause's "always available" infrastructure!

Subscriptions That Auto-Renew

So how do you guys (Mechanyx.gg) make money?

Great question! And one every company out there should be able to clearly answer (and if a company can't you should be very concerned).

To keep the platform free for you to use and keep us from having to draw from your hard earned donations, we charge a small 13% processing fee on donations made through our platform which is handed off to the donor. This fee allows us to cover the processing fee Stripe charges us to allow payments on our platform, and gives us a little bit left over to help us make Mechanyx.gg the best eSports platform out there.

However, we do something that other platforms' don't - we give your donors the option of how they want their processing fee to be charged.

Donors can choose to either Roll In their processing fee to their donation (and just see one clean number when all is said and done), or if they want to support you further they can Add on the processing fee to their donation and pay a little extra.

Very few if any donation platforms do this - and coupled with the fact that they are supporting their favorite creators and making sure they don't get money taken out of their pocket, we've heard a number of people say that our model around donations and fees is a lot more understandable than others out there.

Donors should have a choice. And you shouldn't have money taken out of your pockets. So we built a platform that did both.

It All Starts With A Free Account

Before you can start using TTC and all it's awesome tools you'll need to sign up for a free Mechanyx.gg account! (Yep, totally free).

To sign up for a free account you can hit the button below and registration takes just a few minutes. Did we also mention it was free?

Help us keep .gg free!

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