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Song requests are just the start - do SO MUCH MORE with your music streams

There's Magic in a live performance...

And now that magic can be a part of your music streams

For as long as music has been played people come from far and wide to see performers rock out, drop the bass, tickle the keys, bow the strings, and so many other cool and sophisticated musical actions.

Recently ultra-talented musicians from all cultures, creeds, places and positions in life have taken to live streaming platforms to perform for the global audience that's only a click away.

But how does one capture the magic of a live performance, the interaction of the crowd, and the vibes that keep people coming back with a screen and camera in between?

It's a tough challenge - and we don't believe any platform has been able to do it. Until now...

RequestLine is the service for those who want to make their music streams an interactive and enjoyable experience for everyone - not just someone playing music on the internet

It's not about the song list...

It's the experience

People don't go to shows for the set list - they go to shows for the artist, for the fans, to feel a part of the fun.

RequestLine does more than just allow people to request songs - it allows people to be a part of the show.

Song requests are just the beginning of what RequestLine can do. Imagine having your audience be able to tell you to learn a song live and do it on an instrument of their choosing? Don't believe that we can help you make that happen?

Keep reading and we just might change your mind...

Here's how it works

StarDust keeps the party going

Your audience already has StarDust - and now they can use it to keep the show going!

StarDust as you probably already know is a free creator-controlled digital currency that you as a creator can use on Mechanyx.gg to award your audience for their support and all that they do for you and your content.

StarDust can be used to slap stickers, play sounds, and play video clips live on stream. But now StarDust can be used to request tunes, add songs to your SongBook, and even have you do Live Learns all through the RequestLine Dashboard!

And because you control the StarDust economy for your community that extends to RequestLine where you can set request, add-a-song and live learn pricing all on your own terms!

If you need a quick refresher on StarDust (or have never heard of it before) then click the button below!

A song request service that matches your tempo

Music streams, like all other forms of streaming, are quite the dynamic undertaking. From week to week your song list may change. you may add some tunes, remove some, and enable/disable others - it all depends on how your audience is feeling.

RequestLine can match that tempo by allowing you to dynamically update your songbook on the fly without having to make big changes or go through a bunch of menus and hoops. Enabling and disabling tunes is as simple as flipping a switch.

RequestLine follows your tempo - not you following Requestline's.

Live Learn



Organization is Key

Give your audience choices with their requests - and keep it all organized for you

You ever been at a show and wish the band would play your favorite song next? Maybe you want them to learn a song right then and there?

Well, at a live show that's probably not going to happen. But with RequestLine you can give your audience the option to boost their requests and even let them have you learn a song live!

Naturally each of these actions means that their request will need to move around in the queue and stay organized. Luckily RequestLine dynamically outputs your request queues and organizes requests into different catagories automatically!

Less headache means you have more time and brainpower to shred, lick, and play what's important!

Let your Audience build your SongBook for you

Add-A-Song and Live Learns are built right into RequestLine

Your audience no doubt shares a lot of the same music taste as you do - that's why they tune in for your music streams!

A lot of fun of music streams is playing tunes that your audience loves but may not be in your songbook yet.

Enter Add-a-Song and Live Learns: Two fantastic ways to allow your audience to get in on the fun by telling you exactly what they (and probably you) want!

And because Live Learns and Add-a-Song play nice with SongBook you can import Audience Add-a-Songs and Live learns DIRECTLY into your SongBook with just a click.

Less typing, more shredding! 🤘

How about a change in instrument...

Show off your collection, talent, or both

If you've got enough cajones to perform live on the internet chances are you're probably really good at your instrument - or maybe even multiple instruments.

Whether you're like Darkraizard and have a guitar collection that would make guitarist and non-guitarist alike shed a tear of happiness or you play every instrument from the Piano to the Piccolo, or you're somewhere in-between, RequestLine lets your audience keep you on your toes and have you switch instruments on the fly!

So while you search for how to play your favorite metal tunes on a recorder you can rest assured your audience will enjoy making such shenanigans happen!

Donations and Tips for an awesome performance - and all at 0% out of your pocket

The best Donation and Subscription service backs
the best Song Request service;

Are you noticing the pattern yet?

Often times there are some rather generous individuals that go to shows and like to show their financial support by tipping artists for an awesome show.

If we're going to capture the magic of a live gig, shouldn't we have a virtual bread jar for your audience to contribute to?

And the best part is ToTheCause, our Donation and Subscription service that doesn't take a single cent from our creators' pockets is the back-end for these donations - so you get every cent of what you earn during your streams. Just like a real live gig!

Automate to win-omate

All the pieces work together - by default!

Because RequestLine is exclusive to Mechanyx.gg that means it's plugged into all the other amazing features of the platform!

StarDust is the currency that people use to do requests, and ToTheCause is the secure and slick backend for your donations. SoundOff and the .GG chatBot also play their role by allowing you to show your queue on stream and allow people to use chat commands to get to your RequestLine pages.

Just like a symphony has strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and all the musicians work together behind one maestro many of the pieces of Mechanxy.gg work together with RequestLine to put you on the podium with baton in hand - whether it's an actual baton, guitar, piano, or whatever you play and entertain people with!

Ready to rock the show?

Since RequestLine uses StarDust as it's backend for requests and other stuff all you have to do to activate RequestLine is have StarDust set up!

Looks like you are not using StarDust currently. To learn more about StarDust hit the button below

Please keep in mind that Stardust by Mechanyx.gg (and consequently your creator currency which you generate and manage, regardless of it's name) has no monetary value.

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