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A creator-controlled currency exclusive to Mechanyx.gg
that can be used for a universe of awesome stuff

Wait!?! So Mechanyx.gg is in the crypto game now?!?


first things first, Stardust™ is not a cryptocurrency.
It's something better!

"What could be better than cryptocurrency?"
-You, probably

We're so glad you asked!

If you go to your local smoothie shop you might get a card for shopping there and after a few smoothies you get a free one!

Everyone likes free stuff! And even if you don't get free stuff you might get some perks, discounts, or other benefits of being a regular patron of the business.

The technical term for this is a "loyalty program" - and they're a highly effective way to reward people for continued support!

"I see where this is going..."
-You, again. Most likely...

We love loyalty programs here at Mechanyx.gg!

So much so that we designed a whole digital currency exclusive to our platform to support you as a creator and allow you to build a loyalty program for your contributors!

And since we love stars and astronomy (after all, "Nyx" is the back half of Mechanyx...) we named this nifty little loyalty currency "Stardust™"!

Here's how it works

Keep it static. Keep it simple.

$0.01 USD ➡️ 1 Stardust™ Credit

The conversion rate for contributions into Stardust™ is static. This means it will never change. And that means you as a creator don't have to worry about doing the math for different contribution amounts!

The rate of conversion is 1 cent (In USD) is equal to 1 Stardust credit. So for example if someone donates $5.00 to you, they would receive 500 stardust credits (or just "stardust" for short).

This also works for people who are migrating from another subscription platform - if you know how much they have contributed to you thus far, you know exactly how much Stardust to reward them so they get credit for prior contributions!

Make it your own!

You don't have to call it "Stardust™"...

Your community is unique - with it's own culture, inside jokes, and favorite breeds of doggos; you all have a favorite breed of doggos, right?

Anyhow! Stardust can adapt to your community culture by being named anything you like! Call them "nuggies"! Call them "coins"! Call them "Xx_420_blaze_its_xX"! Whatever name you come up with to match your community stardust can adapt!

Not just for donors and subscribers

You control the economy

Members of your community don't need to donate or subscribe to get Stardust - you as a creator can give people Stardust just for being awesome (and for other reasons too). This means you can award Stardust for people moving over from another subscription platform, people who have been a part of your community for a while, people who help you out, and so much more!

The "controlled" in "creator-controlled" means that you control the economy. So award as many or as little Stardust as you like!




And so much more.

Allow your contributors to interact with your content in all new ways!

Stardust can be redeemed for all sorts of cool stuff in the Stardust Marketplace. But what makes it really amazing is that YOU as a creator get to decide what cool stuff is available!

If you want people to be able to drop air-horns in the middle of your stream, then you got it!

If you want people to be able to slap kawaii heart stickers everywhere then you can do that too!

And as we expand Mechanyx.gg we plan to allow Stardust to be used for all sorts of other stuff.

The Stardust marketplace also supports direct donations for rewards above 500 Stardust so people can donate in real time and not have to go to a different page!

All that's to say the Stardust Marketplace is a great way to create another amazing experience for your community and allow them to interact with your content in new ways just by doing the thing they've already been doing - supporting and contributing to you!

Automate to win-omate

All the pieces work together - by default!

Because Stardust is exclusive to Mechanyx.gg that means it's plugged into all the other amazing features of the platform!

Using ToTheCause you can enable Stardust to allow contributors to automatically get stardust when they donate or subscribe right from the TTC Dashboard. You can also award Stardust to current subscribers by way of the Contributors menu.

Further, integrating the rewards in your Stardust Marketplace into your stream is as simple as copying a link using StreamTools and the Mechanyx.gg API. We of course have a guide for that too so you don't have to wrestle with your technology for hours.

Ready to get crack-a-lackin'?

The coolest part of Stardust is that it's built into our other services already - so you don't need to activate or sign up for the Stardust program!

As long as you are using ToTheCause you should see a link under "creator tools" section of the sidebar titled "Stardust Marketplace". Click there to start setting up your rewards!

Please keep in mind that Stardust by Mechanyx.gg (and consequently your creator currency which you generate and manage, regardless of its name) has no monetary value.

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