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Season 4 Cup 1


How to watch the cup

The Community Cup will be streamed over on the official Mechanyx.gg Twitch Channel

Be sure to follow so you don't miss one minute of CC action!

Get the most out of the cup!

Here's a few things you can do leading up to the Community Cup to make sure you have a blast come Cup day!

1. Follow the official Mechanyx
.GG profile to get some free StarDust!

StarDust can be used to slap stickers, play alerts, and do so much more live on stream!

2. Tune in early for the

Ain't no party like a Community Cup pre-party! Join a few minutes early to stream to chat, hang out, and get hyped.

3. Stick around for
friendlies after!

Even if you were not on a team that competed we always run friendly matches for the game being played after the actual cup.

so be sure to stick around and play and maybe just maybe you'll get a shoutout on stream!

What's the Mechanyx.gg Community Cup??

One of the Friendliest and most fun eSports stages out there

The Mechanyx.gg Community Cup Series is a friendly eSports competition series designed to give communities a chance to come together and experience the fun, tenacious and toxic-free future of eSports that Mechanyx.gg is striving towards. Players from all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to compete.

Started in January 2022 the Community Cup Series is a series of monthly competitions organized by Mechanyx.gg and open to all our Creative Partners and their communities. Competitions occur on the last Saturday of every month and in the weeks leading up each community (lead by a community manager) decide on a team, practice, strategize and come together to put their best team forward.

When competition day rolls around the air is nothing short of electrifying - all the communities participating come together live on the official Mechanyx.gg Twitch channel where a casting desk comprised of Mechanyx CEO Ais4Drew and a host of other community commentators shout, pop-off, and give you the play-by-play - just like on eSports biggest stages!

All thorugh the evening some of the best features of Mechanyx.gg are shown off including custom Community Cup stickers, .GG Marquee giving you live scoring updates, and maybe even features no one has seen yet!

Hopefully you are just as hyped as we are about the next Community Cup - but if not check out these other cool things that come with the Community Cup!

Communities Collide! (respectfully)

Forming community starts by getting everyone in the same room...

With the Mechanyx.gg Community Cup Series being a friendly tournament naturally a lot of friendly people with similar interests show up! And because each team and community is playing the same game for the competition you can be sure that everyone watching and chatting share some sort of common interest.

Many of our creative partners have remarked that the Community Cup has helped them grow...their communities! It's in the name!

A full casters desk giving the Community Cup
its "voice"

When's the last time you saw a CEO cast an eSports event?

As part of bringing the Mechanyx magic to the Community Cup Mechanyx CEO Ais4Drew and a host of other community commentators cast every match, conduct between-game interviews with coaches and generally try to keep the shenanigan train running!

The Casters' Desk has hosted former MLG Halo pro SameName, ultiteam Team Captain and streamer extrodinare ultipaige, our favoritest French girl and baguette enthusiast Cyuni, and we hope to host so many other eSports personalities as the Community Cup Series presses on!

With a rotating list of coaches, co-casters, and other personalities the Community Cup Casters' Desk is always fresh, witty, and giving you the crazy ply-by-play that you can come to expect from Community Cup!

Keeping it Friendly.

Competitive - but without being toxic

There's a big difference between being competitive and being toxic. Toxicity has plagued eSports since we could talk and communicate with one another in-game. But a trend we're noticing as of late is that the community is fighting back against toxicity in-game and off.

We dig it! And we want to do our part to help out. That's why the Community Cup has a STRICT policy against toxic and callous behavior during our events.

Each community manager is charged and empowered to assemble a team that is as friendly-yet-competitive as possible and instill in their team the valuable lesson of representing ones community, team, and self with their actions, behavior, words, and manners.

The Mechanyx.gg Community Cup is a competitive event yes; but it's also friendly in nature - meaning the competition brings out the fighting spirit in each team and leaves the toxic behavior where it belongs: in the trash.

When you come to a Community Cup event either as a competitor, community manager, or just as a spectator rest assured that you'll have a friendly and exciting time - hold the salt.

Yes... there is a physical Community Cup as well...

We designed, 3D print, and ship an actual Community Cup to the winner each month

It's a humble lil' trophy - but we made it ourselves with love! And it's the least we can do for the amazing communities that make the Community Cup work so well!

If your team is strong enough, skilled enough, and maybe a little lucky enough to win the cup then the team manager for your team will get their own Community Cup to celebrate the victory!

But of course don't do it for the cup...do it for the love of the game!

Ok but maybe also do it for the cup...it's a nice cup!

Want to be a part of Community Cup?

The Community Cup is open to all Mechanyx.gg Content Partners. The Mechanyx.gg Content Partner program is a network of creators that work closely with us to develop the future of Mechanyx.gg and use our platform to bring their streams and content closer to their communities!

Joining the Partner Program is by invitation only but getting an invite is pretty straight forward. The process involves us chatting with you about your content, audience, reviewing your content and community, and seeing if we can help!

If you're interested in joining the Mechanyx.gg Creative Partner Network stop by a Mechanyx.gg stream and let us know you're interested and we'll get you some more info!

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