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The Official Mechanyx.gg Galaxy Hoodie

Worn by some of the earliest Mechanyx.gg Content Partners such as SameName, Walty, UltiPaige, and Mechanyx.gg Co-Founder and CEO Ais4Drew the Mechanyx.gg Galaxy Hoodie is a rather eye-catching piece in the story of early days of Mechanyx.gg. Originally given as a holiday gift to Mechanyx.gg Content Partners in December of 2021 the Galaxy hoodie quickly gained fame as being "the Mechanyx hoodie" and has gone through a few design changes since the first run back in 2021.

With it's eye catching galactic design and emblazoned with the Mechanyx "M" the hoodie quickly draws curious eyes and, in our experience, garners a compliment or two!

It didn't take long for people to start asking the poignant question of "can I buy one"? So by popular demand we are now making the Official Mechanyx.gg Galaxy hoodie available to everyone!

Each hoodie comes customized with your Mechanyx.gg username on the back and a link to your Mechanyx.gg profile on the front pocket (in the lower right corner) -- the customization is complimentary and allows you to make the hoodie truly yours.

What's also cool is that each purchase helps us continue to build Mechanyx.gg into the amazing platform we all are dreaming it can be -- so thank you in advance for your purchase and believing in us! #believeInGG

Let's get some details

Hoodie Size

This hoodie tends to run a bit snug. If you're between sizes we'd recommend going a size up. If you're still unsure take a look at our hoodie sizing chart

Name on Hoodie

This will also be the name that we will put after "mechanyx.gg/" on the front pocket so people can find your Mechanyx.gg profile

The Numbers

Order Subtotal


Shipping Cost and Sales Tax

Calculated at checkout based on your location

Please note: Because each hoodie is personalized all sales are final. Once your order is confirmed you will have up until the time we actually produce your hoodie to cancel or change your order. Once your order goes from 'confirmed' to 'in production' the order cannot be refunded or changed.

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