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Configure Your StarTag Mini

1. Pick a StarTag Mini

2. The Numbers

Order Subtotal


Shipping Cost and Sales Tax

Calculated at checkout based on your location


90 day limited warranty


Because all StarTags are customized and unique all sales are final.

Here's how the rest will play out


Completing your Order

You StarTag is almost ordered! The last step is we will take you over to Stripe's (our payment processor) own checkout flow to capture some info from you to complete your order.

It's worth noting that all of your personal info is stored on Stripe's secure servers and will only be visible to Mechanyx.gg Staff and in compliance with Stripe's own Privacy Policy. Your card information will also be securely processed by Stripe on their servers so no need to worry on that front!


Get access to your Virtual StarTag and !tag commands instantly

Once Stripe gives us the go-ahead and says your order went through we will automatically provision your virtual StarTag and give you access to the !tag command so you can run that in StarTag-enabled creator's chats!

Your virtual StarTag will follow the same behavior as your physical StarTag with the exception that people can scan the QR code/virtual card since you don't have your physical card yet. You can of course set up the behavior of what your StarTag does via the StarTag wallet (which is always accessible on Mechanyx.gg!)

This means you can get in on the fun right when your order completes and not have to wait for your physical card to show up in a few weeks.


Your physical StarTag arrives!

Since every StarTag Mini is manufactured in-house by Mechanyx.gg it does take us just a bit to produce each tag with love. We will give you updates via StarDust wallet as to the progress of your order and once the order is shipped we will send you an email with tracking info!

Most StarTags will reach you in the time detailed at checkout when you select your shipping option (unless of course it's a holiday or a time where there are a lot of packages being mailed -- then you might experience a slight delay).

If you've read the above rundown and are ready to place your StarTag order then read the following statement carefully and check the box as well as hit "Proceed to Checkout" where we will gather the final payment details to finish your order.

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